Fluid Mechanics – Series and Parallel Pumps, Bench – Top Test Set

Series and Parallel Pumps, Bench-Top Test Set – H52

TecQuipment, a leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines, recently launched a new fluid mechanics teaching product, the Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-Top Test Set (H52). This is an entry-level apparatus for understanding single and dual pumps individually and in both series and parallel.

The simplicity of this apparatus means that this can be used for illustrating the basics of centrifugal pump performance, applicable for many generic engineering foundation courses, requiring little direction for carrying out experiments.

“This has been introduced in response to a growing demand within the market for a compact bench-top teaching apparatus for understanding fluid mechanics that would teach the basics of pump performance, while being small and light. The price of this product compared to the larger more advanced products we offer for understanding pump performance, is clearly a big advantage for some. We already have orders in place, with the first going to France,” commented TecQuipment’s Sales and Marketing Director Jon Chicken.

Pumps in Practice
In many civil engineering applications a single pump cannot deliver the flow rate or head necessary for a particular need. In the real world, two or more can be combined in series to increase the height to which a fluid can be pumped, or in parallel to increase the flow rate. The Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-top Test Set allows students to learn by practice concepts such as head versus flow and efficiency versus flow.  The included user manual outlines supporting theory and step-by-step instructions for a range of experiments, making it easy for Lecturers and Laboratory Technicians to integrate this into their teaching syllabus.

The Series and Parallel Pumps Bench-top Test Set is part of the Pumps and Turbines sub range within the fluid mechanics range from TecQuipment.

The Modular Fluid Power Series may also be considered for even more comprehensive studies.

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