The smart solution for X-ray experiments

XR 4.0 expert unit

Welcome to our latest EduTechnics update. This issue highlights the PHYWE X-ray XR 4.0 system, which is suitable for use in all educational fields: schools, colleges, and universities. It offers solutions tailored to your experiments in natural sciences, medicine, material sciences, or geosciences.

We have provided links to PDFs, several videos, and brochures that elaborate on the features and advantages of this intelligent solution for X-ray experiments.

If you have any questions about this X-ray range, don’t hesitate to reach out.

This is your individual X-ray solution!

Choose your desired X-ray unit, select at least one X-ray tube and any extension set to perform up to 59 experiments.

Measuring the velocity of light

XR4 LI unit

  • Unique tube X-change technology
  • XXL Chamber
  • Touch panel
  • TFT Display

Tube Xchange Technology

  • Self-adjusting X-ray tubes with quick-change technology
  • Contact protection against hot parts
  • 4 anode materials for specific experiments (W, Mo, Cu, Fe)

XR4 expert unit

  • 3 view optical access
  • Storage drawer
  • Applicable for research experiments

Select at least one X-ray tube

XR4 removable cassett
Plug-in Cu Tube

XR4 X-ray

Plug-in Cu Tube

Default tube for most X-ray experiments

XR4 X-ray

Plug-in Mo Tube

Used for X-ray characterisation and material analysis

Plug-in W Tube

XR4 X-ray

Plug-in W Tube

Used for experiments with high-energy X-rays

Plug-in Fe Tube

XR4 X-ray

Plug-in Fe Tube

Used for X-ray characterisation, radiography, and dosimetry

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