DigiCart System

New From Phywe – Cobra Digicart Dynamics/Kinetics Digital Measurement

Dynamics/Kinetics digital measurement – Simple, Quick, Flexible & Intuitive!

The smart DigiCarts feature built-in force, velocity, acceleration and position sensors for a wide range of measurements. Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth and the DigiCartAPP for iOS and Android allow intuitive, digital data acquisition and evaluation on the tablet. Low-friction rollers provide excellent measurement results.

The DigiCart Basic and Expert sets provide the ideal basis for innovative dynamics and kinetics lessons in physics. They cover curricular topics in the mechanics areas of linear motion, force and energy, momentum, magnetism, dynamics and vibrations. In addition to track and DigiCart, the required accessories for the various experiments are included. Due to the fast experimental setup and the simple implementation, they are ideal for student experiments.


  • Ideal for student experiments
  • Quick experimental set-up
  • Simple implementation
  • 12 experiments on dynamics/kinetics possible
  • Integrated sensors, no light barriers required
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