Digital Hydraulic Bench – H1F

We are delighted to announce TecQuipment’s brand new Digital Hydraulic Bench H1F, for use on many of TecQuipment’s Fluid Mechanical experiments.

The new bench, which replaces the H1 and H1D series, has a ow meter with digital display for more ac- curate and faster experimentation. The new ergonomic design has a lower height that allows for easier observation and control of the experiments, as well a easier movement of the bench around the laboratory.

The key features of the new H1F includes:

  • Electronic flow meter and digital display for accurate measurements and quicker experiments
  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials for long-lasting use
  • Made of lightweight fibreglass for strength, easier transport and long life
  • Lockable wheels for mobility with stability
  • Flat top to hold experiment modules from TecQuipment’s Fluid Mechanics range
  • Self-contained with recirculating water circuit – needs no external water supply and saves mains water.

Click here to view the datasheet.

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