EduTechnics Engineering Potential and Kinetic Energy Kit

Potential and Kinetic Energy Kit



Demonstrates the difference between potential and kinetic energy and how it can change from one to the other using a pendulum or flywheel. Also demonstrates elastic potential energy in a spring.


This kit includes a pendulum, a spring, and a flywheel for experiments in potential and kinetic energy.

Students test each part to discover the difference between potential and kinetic energy and the transfer of energy from one form to another.

This versatile kit is part of a series that allows many experiments using different arrangements of their parts. Students, teachers, or lecturers fit the parts of the kit to the Work Panel (ES1) (supplied separately) to study or show an engineering science topic.

The kit introduces students to key engineering terms such as ‘moment of inertia’ and ‘elastic potential energy’. TecQuipment supplies a CD-ROM with the Work Panel (ES1). It includes all the worksheets, guidance notes, and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments with each kit. The selection of parts in the kits and the choice of fixing points on the Work Panel means that teachers or lecturers may extend the experiments to an even greater range.


EduTechnics Potential and Kinetic Energy Kit                 


Additional Info

Learning Outcomes:
  • Kinetic and potential energy in a pendulum
  • Elastic potential energy in a spring
  • Kinetic energy in a flywheel
Curriculum Check:

NSW: Module: Personal and Public Transport

QLD: Unit 4 - Topic 1

WA: Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4

TAS: Learning Outcomes included in Curriculum

Specifications: PDF Datasheet