EduTechnics Engineering Friction and Inclined Plane Kit

Friction and Inclined Plane Kit



Demonstrates kinetic and static sliding friction and rolling friction on bodies and between different surfaces on a flat or inclined plane.


This kit includes parts for experiments in friction and forces on a flat or inclined plane. The plane has an inclinometer and adjustment to allow the student to set the plane to any angle between zero and 90 degrees. The parts include different friction surfaces, a roller set, a rolling car or sled with adjustable mass, and a simple roller.

The experiments introduce students to important engineering and scientific terms, such as the coefficient of friction, sliding friction, and kinetic friction.

Students fit the different parts to the plane and apply masses. They learn how different surface finishes and mass affect friction and how surface angles and mass effect forces around a body on a plane.

The inclinable plane allows students to do the classic ‘forces on an inclined plane experiments’. It also shows the relationship between frictional forces and angles other than horizontal.

This versatile kit is part of a series that allows many experiments using different arrangements of their parts. Students, teachers, or lecturers fit the parts of the kit to the Work Panel (ES1) (supplied separately) to study or show an engineering science topic.

TecQuipment supply a CD-ROM with the Work Panel (ES1). It includes all the worksheets, guidance notes, and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments with each kit. The selection of parts in the kits and the choice of fixing points on the work panel means that teachers or lecturers may extend the experiments to an even greater range.


EduTechnics Friction and Inclined Plane Kit                     


Additional Info

Learning Outcomes:
  • Forces on an Inclined Plane
  • Rolling and Sliding Friction on different surfaces
  • Kinetic and Static Sliding Friction between different surfaces
  • Surface angle and friction between different surfaces
Curriculum Check:

NSW: Module 1

         Module 2

         Module 3

         Module: Personal and Public Transport

VIC: Unit 1 - Area of Study 1 - Outcome 1

        Unit 3 - Area of Study 1 - Outcome 1

QLD: Unit 4 - Topic 1

WA: Unit 1

Specifications: PDF Datasheet