EduTechnics Engineering Additional Mechanisms Kit

Additional Mechanisms Kit



Demonstrates how the Geneva mechanism and a ratchet mechanism convert motion.


This kit includes two popular mechanisms for experiments in the conversion of motion from one form to another. These include the Geneva mechanism (sometimes called the Maltese Cross mechanism or crank and star), and a ratchet mechanism.

Students test each mechanism to see how it works and note the differences in the way that each mechanism converts the motion.

The two mechanisms are the same as those used in real applications, such as CNC machines, hand tools, turnstiles, and lifting hoists. Each has a unique way of converting motion, shown by the experiments.

This kit offers additional mechanisms, supplementary to those of the Simple Mechanisms Kit (ES14). Students, teachers, or lecturers fit the parts of the kit to the Work Panel (ES1) (supplied separately) to study or demonstrate an engineering science topic.

TecQuipment supply a CD-ROM with the Work Panel (ES1). It includes all the worksheets, guidance notes, and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments with each kit. The selection of parts in the kits and the choice of fixing points on the work panel means that teachers or lecturers may extend the experiments to an even greater range.


EduTechnics Additional Mechanisms Kit


Additional Info

Learning Outcomes:
  • Conversion of motion using the Geneva mechanism
  • Conversion of motion using a ratchet
Specifications: PDF Datasheet