Subsonic Wind Tunnel AF1300

New Aerodynamics Products From Tecquipment

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Read on to discover more about TecQuipment’s newest Aerodynamics products. The subsonic wind tunnel range has expanded in size to provide a comprehensive range to the market. For a complete set of experiments for testing ideal and perfect gases, a perfect gas product has now been added.

Bench-Top Subsonic Wind Tunnel 125mm (AF1125)

The new AF1125 has been introduced to the subsonic wind tunnel range. For use where lab space is limited; providing a complete cost effective system for aerodynamic experimentation. It has a working section of 125mm x 125mm x 250mm.

Medium Subsonic Wind Tunnel 450mm (AF1450S)

The AF1450S is a mid-sized subsonic wind tunnel, with 450mm x 1000mm working section.

Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel 600mm (AF1600S)

The AF1600S is the largest TecQuipment wind tunnel in the subsonic wind tunnel range, with a 600mm x 600mm x 1250mm working section. It provides a bigger working area, with a refined design for better air quality; delivering more accurate experimental data. This larger wind tunnel is ideal for teaching and provides the accuracy for entry level research activity.

Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel 600mm (AF1600S)
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