Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics

TecQuipment’s Fluid Mechanics range was first developed over 50 years ago and hold a reputation for quality, safety and service. TecQuipment have since added to and improved on the original range and now offer a large choice of experiments. The range includes experiment modules that work with TecQuipment’s mobile hydraulic benches (H1 and H1D). The range also includes some free-standing products to show more specialised fluid experimens such as hydrostatics and hydrology.

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Elettronica Veneta’s Fluid Mechanics equipment has been developed to with a clear representation of fluid mechanics principles and to verify experimentally what is studied in textbooks.

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Exago Group specialises in the design and manufacture of hydraulic systems in industry for mobile machine manufacturers. They then naturally duplicate this hydraulic expertise to the educational field. Exago’s didactic training equipment are innovative and fully correlate with the technical applications and constraints requested by their customers.

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Statics Fundamentals

TecQuipment’s Statics Fundamentals range of experiments are simple yet stimulating. The experiments are quick and easy to set up and simple to use. The experiments cover all manner of topics related to statics equilibrium, providing a valuable and practical foundation for further experiments covered by the Structures (STR) range.

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PHYWE offer a broad range of mechanics experiments including statics, dynamics, liquid gas and wave mechanics to name just a few.

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Theory of Machines

TecQuipment’s Theory of Machines range includes equipment that teaches the basics of machine engineering such as vibration and motion, to more advances studies of friction in bearings.

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Elabo’s Gear Training System was primarily intended for use in vocational education but has found its way into universities due to its versatility. Apart from providing fundamental knowledge on the function and assembly of gears, focus is also placed on servicing and maintenance.

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Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Guided by educational experts and students, TecQuipment have developed and expanded their range to include an extensive selection of high-quality robust products. Their experience has shown that thermodynamics experiments can take many hours, so their designs reduce the experiment time to a practical and realistic level, with safety as they key aspect.

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PHYWE’s range of thermodynamics experiments covers thermal expansion, calorimentry, solar technology, conversion of thermal energy, behaviour of gases and states of aggregation.

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Elettronica Veneta’s Thermodynamics range of equipment has been designed to enable a clear demonstration of the principles of thermodynamics and to test by experimentation the theory learnt in text books.

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