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Welcome to EduTechnics Pty Ltd, a new division of the Australian-owned and operated Duff and Macintosh Pty Ltd, providing high-quality engineering teaching equipment.

Our Mission:

To exceed education providers’ expectations by assisting, supplying and supporting them with the supply of didactic equipment and supporting materials of the highest quality.

What we offer:

EduTechnics offers excellent service and support, all the way to helping our customers select the right products, to assisting with commissioning of various equipment and systems. It is the right advice and excellent service that makes EduTechnics the preferred supplier of hardware for engineering education teaching equipment.

PHYWE - excellence in science

EduTechnics partners with PHYWE!

EduTechnics are proud factory-authorised suppliers in Australia and New Zealand of the fantastic range of PHYWE experiments, covering:

  • Physics
    • Acoustics, Computer Interface Cobra4, Electricity, Mechanics, Modern Physics, Optics, TESS, Thermodynamics, etc
  • Chemistry
    • Chemicals and Test Papers, Chromatography and Electrophoresis, Computer Interface Cobra4, Electrochemistry, Glass Jacket System, Photometry and Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Material Properties, Preparative Chemistry, TESS, etc
  • Biology
    • Respiration and Circulation, Biochemistry, Computer Interface Cobra4, Genetics and Evolution, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Microscopes and Accessories, Nerves and Muscles, Plants, Growth, Development, Metabolism, Photosynthesis, TESS, Sensory Organs, Environmental Analysis, Our Food, Behaviour and Keeping of Animals, Ecology and Meteorology, etc
  • Applied Sciences
    • TESS, Applied Optics - Photonics, Electrical Engineering - Electronics, Geosciences, Renewable Energy, Computer Interface Cobra4, Material Sciences, Medicine, Applied Mechanics, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Chemistry, Ecology, Polymer Chemistry

View the full PHYWE range here.